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About nb3X

nb3X is the general music community around nb3 (also known as Nightblue3).

This site was created for the sole purpose of making people their lives a bit easier surrounding getting a custom CSS for Dubtrack.

About the creator

Hi I'm mainly known as Matt (obviously an abbreviation, come on guys).

But thast isn't all, I'm known under a couple more names, let me try listing them all.

So, for starters my main username on the internet is hoihoi661, if that isn't available I usually resort to using 661hoihoi, but nowadays I've started using other stuff as well, so on Dubtrack it's just Matt. My steam name is Sir Trollalot. And on our communities Discord my screen name is Matt Hatter (nice wordplay, I know, thank you).

Some examples of our Dubtrack CSS

Keep in mind the backgrounds are custom, not part of the CSS

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